Our Rooms

The Generals Suite

The General’s Suite

At one time, Jubal Early slept here. He had his Law office at the foot of the property.

The Magnolia Suite

The Magnolia Suite

When you think of romance, think of Magnolias and ruffles.

The Cottage Suite

The Cottage Suite

The Cottage Suite is our newest addition to the Early Inn.

The Conspiracy Suite

The Conspiracy Suite

Was it a conspiracy? If you want to know, check into this room and settle in with a copy of the Keister Greer’s book, The Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935.

Guest suite

The Wanderlust Suite

This room will quell your desire to wander.

You will not want to leave these luxurious surroundings.

The Harvester Suite

The Harvester Suites

This room, decorated with the colors of a harvest, reminds you of fall.