Policy & Procedure

Check-In Time: 3:00 PM

Breakfast is served at 8:30 AM to Early Inn guests. 

Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM


We love all pets! Bring your furry friends to stay with you! There is a $35 non-refundable pet fee added to all guests with animals. Guests are responsible for any cost & damage their pet may cause. 

Cancellation Policy 

  • If you cancel your reservation(s) 30 or more days before your check-in date the Early Inn will refund the entire deposit required to book minus a $25 cancellation fee. 
  • If you cancel your reservation(s) less than 30 days from your check-in date, the Early Inn has the right to keep the entire 50% deposit required to book.
  • If you cancel your reservation(s) 5 days or less before your check-in date, the Early Inn has the right to charge the entire amount owed on the bill. 

Key Fee

Rooms with lost or stolen keys will have a $25 key replacement fee.

Snacks & Refreshments

We ask that all Early Inn guests be mindful when enjoying the free snacks and refreshments available to you during your stay. If we notice a guest consuming an excessive amount of snacks or refreshments, we will charge a $25 refreshment fee to the bill. (example of excessive consumption: filling coolers up with snacks & refreshments for your departure)


All Early Inn Guests have access to on-site parking. We ask that you drive down to the Inn and park along the edge of the parking area beside the building. Please do not block the circle driveway. If you are in need of a handicapped parking space, please give us a call so we can reserve a spot for you. 

Private & Public Events

The Early Inn at the Grove is not only a 5-star Bed and Breakfast! We are also a well-known events venue! The Early Inn holds the right to hold any number of events during your stay. All guests are welcome to our public events! We encourage guests to look to see if we have a public event going on during their stay so you can attend! Guests receive 50% off event admission! The Early Inn has the right to move your reservation IF a large event requires the entire property. In the event the Early Inn has to move your reservation, we will refund your entire deposit. 

If you feel that the Early Inn or its employees did not comply with our policies and procedures please do not hesitate to contact Toni Ratcliffe, Business Manager at (540)493-1889.